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Flowers That Love Winter

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Flowers That Love Winter

Flowers are usually associated with spring – the season when the whole nature wakes up for a new life after the cold winter months. However, there are flowers that do love winter – they not only can survive the low temperatures but also bloom during the cold season. The most popular flowers that can survive low temperatures in winter are the Christmas rose, tricolour violets and Christmas jasmine. Christmas rose can grow up to 30 centimetres and in winter blooms in red, violet or yellow colours. Christmas jasmine blooms in white or yellow and the tricolour violet impresses with its diversity of colours. All of these flowers feel good during the winter and can survive very low temperatures. You can also place the tricolour violet in hanging baskets on your balcony. The most important thing you should know about flowers that bloom in winter is the fact that they require much less water and cares. Christmas rose cannot survive too strong wind so make sure you have placed it in an appropriate shelter. Tricolour violet cannot survive warm weather. This fact makes it the perfect choice for gardens that do not get too much sun light. Other flowers that are suitable for your winter garden are:

1. Nertera granadensis – this tiny plant with bright orange fruits will bring beauty in your home during the winter. Its leaves are very small, up to 0.5 centimetres, its blossoms are also small, in green and white colours that turn into small fruits with the size of beans. Be careful, as they are slightly toxic if swallowed. Nertera loves bright but not direct sun light. Make sure to regularly water it as this plant loves water.

2. Trachycarpus fortunei – this palm tree can survive extremely low temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius below zero and it can survive them for a pretty long time. However, you need to perform certain cares in order to help your palm tree survive the winter. As the bud that is right on top of the tree and from which leaves grow can freeze and hence die you need to make sure this bud is well protected against cold that can harm the whole tree. The best way to do this is to gather the leaves of the tree in a tuft and cover them with a special net against cold. Be careful not to use polythene for covering the leaves as it will increase the amount of humidity which might be very harmful to the plant.

3. Aglaonema – this flower is more popular as the ‘silver queen’. It is famous for its long grey or green leaves with silver shades. It might grow up to 30-40 centimetres. Its blossoms are delicate and white. The flower requires to be placed in well lit places but not in a direct sun light with medium air humidity. It can easily survive the low winter temperatures all you need to do is water it more rarely that you do it in summer. This flower is one of the most preferred choices for winter gardens.

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