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Flowers and Mood – a Bouquet as a Natural Therapy

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Flowers undoubtedly improve one’s mood, if received as a gift they can lift one’s spirits, often given as a symbol of gratitude, remembrance, friendship or love, they are given with great intent and act as a significant gift. Including nature into the decor of a room can improve the aesthetics, balance and environment, both with the beautiful imagery of flowers and with the scientific effects of nature cleansing the air. Bringing the outdoors into the home can have a calming effect, not only are they natural, but they are also beautiful. If you’re thinking of injecting floral life into yours or someone else’s home, then why not consider these flowers which have particular qualities to positive affect your mood.

You can opt for several types of flowers, from singular, dramatic flowers to add dramatic impact and make a statement, to blossoms of soft, delicate flowers to lift the spirits and add a touch of life to the living room.

Red gladiolas
These bright, bold flowers have a considerable impact on motivation and can be the perfect gift for anyone who needs a bit of a lift, or a push in the right direction. Large, vibrant petals contrast against rich, green foliage for a rich and luscious lift. Bright colours act as a positive stamp and having such bold shades within nature makes a dramatic statement to positively boost mood.

Blue hydrangeas
Unsurprisingly, Blue Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to relax and calm the spirit. Growing in such a delicate shade of blue, it would be hard not to feel the serenity and tranquillity oozing from such pretty petals blossoming in thick, full bouquets. A pale shade calms the soul, and a pastel shade flower combines the calming effects of colour with the tranquil feel of nature.

White Lilies
White lilies are bold statement flowers, growing glamorously long and dramatic, with long, dropping petals atop elegant stems, blossoming in pure white. They are best for signifying purity, a great gift for someone who has recently had children, or to remind people of the simplicity and purity of day to day. Such a strong flower can reinstate affirmations of solidarity and simplicity. The elegant nature of this flower connects perfectly with the simplicity and beauty of nature, making the perfect mood enhancer as a single flower or stunning bouquet. A particularly ideal present for an office or workspace, so that everyone can benefit from feeling better through the pure and simple statement of white lilies.

Sunflowers are a poignant flower, looking bold and strong as a single flower, or wild and free growing outdoors. Sunflowers are perfect for anyone in need of a strong burst of happiness in the home, often signifying warmth, sunshine and the great outdoors. The large, round centre is brightly edged with warm, yellow petals, making it the perfect imagery for happiness. Growing long and strong they embody the great outdoors perfectly; rich tones, warm shades and a round, welcoming face. A sunflower in anyone’s home will instantly brighten their day as soon as they walk into the room.

Commonly linked with beauty, roses are truly majestic flowers which make the perfect mood lifter. Roses in themselves are elegantly beautiful; either as single, elegant young blossoms, or as a bunch of extravagant, blossoming flowers. Their rich colours are dramatic in their home, not only enhancing the room as beautiful flowers, but to compliment the owner, as anyone who receives roses will instantly be reminded of their symbolic representation of beauty, romance and love, feeling beautiful inside and out.