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Different Flower Arrangements for Different Homes

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Different Flower Arrangements for Different Homes

When you are selecting flowers for your home, the main thing you should consider is what feel you already have to your home. The flowers you choose, whether you are buying a bunch or cutting your own to make your own floral arrangement, need to fit in with the feel of your home.

Think about where you are placing your flowers, in what rooms. What feel do those rooms have, are they modern, minimalistic, country? If you put the wrong flowers in there they are going to stand out, so choose your flowers according to the themes of the rooms.

Equally you need to consider what you intend to put the flowers in, do you have a selection of vases to suit your themes, or do you have anything else you could use such as a basket if you have a country theme. If you only have sophisticated vases to use, you are best buying sophisticated flowers to match. Are you going to add any decoration to the flower arrangement, if you are you will need to buy flowers that will compliment it and match it in size.

Also consider the season, if it is winter and nearing Christmas, you may want to add some evergreen, holly, mistletoe or red berries to your arrangements. If it is summer you will want to use vibrant and large flowers. Your flowers are bringing the outdoors, indoors, therefore they should be areflection of the outdoors.

Here is a guide to help you decide what flowers to buy:

The elegant room:

Elegance and sophistication go hand in hand, and when you use these two words in relation to flowers there are certain types that spring to mind, especially flowers belonging to the lily and the rose family. When you are buying flowers for a sophisticated theme think about the colours you choose, whilst it is nice to have a lot of colour in your floral displays, sometimes less is more, a bunch of pure white calla lilies which have a massive wow factor…probably more than a vibrant arrangement of flowers.

The Modern/minimalistic room:

Choose large and colourful flowers like orchids, sunflowers or lilies, or even exotic flowers such as a bird of paradise. The arrangement should look daring and it should completely stand out from the minimalistic background so don’t be afraid to get striking colours. Maybe add some smaller, and more petite flowers to add some variance, the colours should compliment the larger flowers.

A Country themed room:

Use wild flowers and simple and delicate flowers like daisies, chrysanthemums and carnations. Try to get a mixture of colours and some foliage to make the arrangement full and busy looking. Consider using things like pinecones or berries as decoration, things that you’d typically see on the floor walking through the country to authenticate the look.

A Victorian, romantic room:

Choose flowers that have a pleasing and stronger fragrance, enhancing your sense of smell as well as sight, and choose rich and strong colours. Ideal flowers are roses, lilacs and peonies in a range of bold.

Always consider the house plants that you are buying and using. Some flowers are toxic to cats and dogs, other flowers are poisonous to children and pets, make sure that the flowers you buy are safe to have around the people and animals living within your home. If anyone living in your home has allergies to certain flowers, take this into consideration when making your choices.

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