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Choosing and Designing Beautiful Flower Baskets

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Flower baskets are a wonderful way of gifting flowers, and make for a fresh break from bouquets and more formal arrangements. Flower baskets have a more personalised appeal, and give the impression of “just picked” blooms and are a great gift for just about every occasion.

If you are buying flower baskets at a florist, keep in mind that these are usually expensive and will almost always cost more than simple bouquets. Flower baskets are priced higher because there are more materials and designing and arrangement efforts involved.

Choosing the right flower basket involves understanding the occasion. Flower baskets are one of the few gifts or tokens that are considered appropriate for every type of event or incident, be it formal or informal, happy or sad. Since you know you’re on the right track, half the battle’s won in just making the decision to get a flower basket.

Picking the right kind of arrangement and flowers is really about knowing what’s appropriate and also understanding the person you intend to present it to. So, for instance, if you’re taking a flower basket to a friend’s housewarming party, you should pick one with trims an ribbons and cheerful flowers in bright colours, but if you are expressing your sympathies at a funeral, you need to go with something more subtle, like a simple wickerwork basket and flowers in sober colours.

For the more hands-on types, arranging a flower basket at home is a great way to save a lot of money, have fun and be creative and also make a beautiful gift for someone. Here are some fabulous tips on how you can design your very own flower baskets too!

Begin by getting all the materials in place. You will need a nice basket for starters. You can pick the colour, size, design and material on the basis of the occasion or the kind of design you’re trying for. You can also reuse any basket you might have lying at home; simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth and touch it up with a new coat of paint if needed. Next, you need some flowers: either pick them fresh from your garden or get a bunch from a local florist. Buying locally and choosing in-season blooms will give you more variety and will also work out cheaper. Finally, you’ll need some decorative ribbons and bows and trimmings to do up the basket.

Arrange the flowers according to the length of their stems. The ones with the longer stems should be placed at the centre of the basket, while the ones with the shorter stems have to be arranged on the peripheries. This helps in making sure all the flowers are visible and nothing gets overshadowed.

Shift the flowers around until you are satisfied with the arrangement. There are no set rules for arranging a flower basket, just that all the flowers should be clearly visible and there should be enough room for them all so that the petals don’t get crushed and pressed. If there are any gaps left at the end, you can add small sprigs of baby’s breath as fillers.

To make your flower basket look even prettier, add some decorations. You can weave ribbons in and out of the gaps in the basket weave for a really stunning effect. Or you can wrap the ribbons around the basket handle if there is one. You can also make bows out of ribbons, lace or other fabric and pin or glue it onto the basket for embellishment. For a really colourful flower basket, take ribbons in different colours and braid them together before fixing them onto the basket.

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