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Wedding flowers are one of the most significant components of a wedding – a decoration which finishes the whole look of the ceremony. You cannot complete the decorations properly without fine arrangements of flowers. They add beauty and style to the event and can be used in numerous ways: as decoration for the tables, as garlands, bouquets, etc. In order to choose the right flowers and colour scheme one should be aware of the different types that are available.

They are small flowers which belong to the family of chrysanthemums. Compared to daisies, asters are smaller, but they offer a big variety of beautiful colours: yellow, white, pink, purple, etc. Asters are typical end of summer flowers, but can also be found in autumn. Asters are most often put in decorations on tables. Their small size makes them perfect for fillers in bouquets.

They are perhaps the most universal flowers, which represent love and affection and are given most often for various celebrations. They are available throughout the year and are favored for their fragrance and rich colours. Pick them for garlands and decorations and choose various sizes.

Calla Lilies:
These can be found in plenty of colours, but white is most commonly preferred. You can get large or small calla lilies – perfect for big decorations and small pretty bouquets. They have sturdy stems so making a wedding bouquet out of these will guarantee that it stays intact during the ceremony. Originally grown in Africa, Calla Lilies can now be found everywhere and are available in all four seasons. This will ensure enough amounts at reasonable prices.

These flowers happen to be the most popular wedding flowers. With their many petals they make fine arrangements in every bouquet or decoration. You can choose from plenty of bright and classic colours: red, white, pink, pastels, purple. etc. Carnations are perfect for weddings, which are long events, as they don’t dry up quickly. You can combine them with other flowers or use them on their own. Carnations are available all year round and are inexpensive.

These small flowers can be found in clusters, so they even look like small bouquets. They come in many colours, but the purple and blue shades are top choice for weddings. They are easily made into all sorts of decorations and enhance the great appeal of any event, not just weddings.

These come in cluster of flowers too and are perfect for decorating tables. Their long stems allow stability – guarantee that they will survive the long wedding and stay in place. Snapdragons are not that popular at weddings, but if you want to be creative and different you might as well give them a try. Combined with other flowers, they will surely make a statement.

There are plenty of flowers that can be used at weddings: daisies, lilies, Gerberas, are available from flower shops and wholesalers. A popular flower nowadays is the orchid but keep in mind that it is quite expensive. With the right wedding planner and florist by your side, you can easily find the freshest flowers and have the best arrangements and decorations on your big day. Don’t forget to stick to some kind of colour scheme and a theme. Throwing just all sorts of flowers everywhere won’t make a statement, but can even destroy the good appeal of the event. Spend some time shopping around and know exactly what you want for the wedding.

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