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Choose The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

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Choose The Perfect Wedding Bouquet

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. This is the day when everything should be perfect – from the place to the dress. So what should the perfect bouquet look like?

We are living in modern times nowadays and white is no longer the obligatory colour for the bride – for her dress, accessories and bouquet. Along with traditional colours such as white and ecru other colours gain more and more popularity among women. These colours are soft, elegant pink, light green, sophisticated violet and some women even go for more daring colours such as red. The choice of the colour and the accessories in her wedding day shows a woman’s personality and style. No matter what bouquet you are going to choose, the most important rule that should apply here is: the bouquet should be consistent with the style of everything else – the wedding dress, the accessories and the whole wedding celebration. The flowers for the decoration of the wedding car, the church and the restaurant should all be consistent – they can be of different kinds but should be of one and the same colour in order to match with each other. When choosing the bouquet shape and size you should think about the following things:

1. The bouquet shape should be suitable for your body figure. If you are slim and short it is not a good idea to go for big bouquets, a round one would be far more suitable for you. This type of bouquets is considered to be standard and old fashioned but it can be really beautiful when created with imagination. If you are tall, a long, rich bouquet is the best option for you.

2. The bouquet should also be consistent with your dress. If the dress is simple without too much decoration on it, the bouquet should be long with one to three different types of flowers in it. If you have chosen a dress with rich decoration with lots of tulle and lace the bouquet should also be rich even if it is not round.

3. The choice of flowers should also be consistent with the season when the wedding is about to happen. If you want tulips and freesias you should arrange a spring wedding. Lilies are easy to find in July and August. Of course there are plenty of other flower varieties you can pick up from. Roses can be found any time of the year and are still considered one of the most suitable wedding flowers. Of course, you can always use flowers that are not typical for the season but you should offer them about a month before the wedding to make sure they will arrive on time for the big day.

Don’t be afraid to be different and to avoid following the traditions. Your bouquet can consist of only one impressive flower (an orchid, a lily, etc), it can also be made of freesias, tulips, roses simply tied with a suitable ribbon. Many women use flowers in their hair as accessories, this is also a very good idea in case the flowers are consistent with the ones in the bouquet of course.

And last but not least – remember, the bouquet is the final touch of the bride’s look. So, choose it wisely and more important – choose it in a way to best show your personality.

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