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Carnations - How to Arrange Them

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Carnations are popular flowers which are both simple and beautiful. Carnations are quite versatile flowers which are easily turned into splendid bouquets or floral arrangements for various occasions. You can combine carnations with both elegant and rustic flowers, depending on the look you want to create. Here are some popular and unusual ideas for arrangements with the help of carnations.

• For expressing maternal love give a bouquet of pink carnations as they represent pure mother’s love for her child.

• Expressing admiration for your loved one can be done with a bouquet of beautiful red carnations, which isn’t a typical love bouquet, but it is a fine replacement of the usual rose, especially if the one you love doesn’t like roses.

• Do you have a friend who is moving abroad, starting a new job or getting into university? You can wish them “good luck” by giving them a bouquet of pretty white carnations.

Carnations, since they are so versatile, can be given on their own or mixed with other flowers (asters, lilies, daisies). You can get carnations in plenty of colours, which makes it even easier to order a great flower arrangement. Carnations also represent the month of January, so it’s the perfect flower for those born in the first month of the year. Carnations are a typical choice for flowers on Mother’s Day and wedding days. Carnations have a rich history and are present in all cultures. They have various symbolic meanings but these are the most popular ones, depending on the type:

• White Carnation: this pretty and gentle type conveys sweet and pure love, as well as innocence and good luck. It is the perfect flower for one’s first love interest. Moreover, if you wear this flower on your chest on Mother’s Day it means that you are paying tribute to your deceased mother.

• Pink Carnation: this flower is the ultimate symbol of motherly love, which is eternal. According to the legend, the pink carnation sprung out from Virgin Mary’s tears during her son’s suffering.

• Red Carnation: Red carnations convey different messages depending on the shade of the red colour. Light red carnations stand for charity and admiration, whereas dark red ones symbolize deep love and affection. If you want to confess your true love for someone, give a bouquet of red carnations. It can even be a mixture of light and red ones.

• Blue Carnation: Carnations are in the same colours as lilies, roses and gerberas and most people know that blue carnations cannot be found in nature. Florists and scientists have managed to create a blue carnation, which consists of the genes of Snapdragon and Petunia. The exact colour is violet blue and the flower was named “Moondust”. They symbolize tranquility and spirituality and are often used in wedding floral arrangements. Blue carnations represent the feeling of pure love between the married couple.

• Purple Carnation: this rare variety of the carnation is usually associated with spontaneity, capriciousness and change.

• Yellow Carnation: this is the rarest of all carnations in nature and despite its bright positive colour the yellow carnation symbolizes disappointment and rejection when given to someone.

• Black Carnation: Obtained by a mixture of dark red and blue carnations, it is called “Moonshadow” and is usually brought to funerals, as it represents death and mourning.

Carnations are a popular choice for bouquets and arrangements, but when you give them, make sure you know what the specific colour represents. This will allow you to send the right message and avoid misunderstanding.

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