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Wholesale flowers have a big role in the decoration of events, such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and others. Buying wholesale flowers has become quite a common practice recently and therefore their price range has gone higher too. The big advantage of buying wholesale flowers has always been the chance to get flowers in bulks at a low cost. The businessmen who deal with wholesale flowers try to build long-term relationships with clients and most of the florists purchase huge amounts of flowers from these sellers. However, there are cases, when customers themselves approach the wholesale business and buy the flowers at a reasonable price. Some of these customers of wholesale flowers include: event and wedding planners, corporations, florists, caterers and funeral parlors.

Flowers wholesalers offer various types of flowers: plants, freshly cut flowers and different floral accessories, all of these at a rather low price. Some of these wholesalers sell flowers in bulks to the general public at specific hours of the day for an affordable price. It might not be the exact wholesale rate, but it’s still a great chance to get fresh flowers at a discount. If you are organizing a party or any kind of event and can’t afford to hire an event planner you can easily choose the flowers yourself and transport them. Purchasing from a wholesale market will definitely save you money. There are also some tips you can follow when you buy from wholesalers. First of all, check the yellow pages to find local florists or browse the Internet for flowers wholesalers. Second of all, consider asking around – word-of-mouth recommendation is always preferable. Third of all, be ready for an early getting up, if you are planning to get the freshest of flowers from wholesalers. Those are sold the quickest and you don’t want to risk being left with withering ones, even for a low price. Before you go to such a wholesale, make sure you have researched the market and have an idea of how the prices go for each kind of flower.

At the wholesale market, the vendors which are standing nearest to the entrance would charge much higher. Buying from them will save you time and efforts going through the entire market, but it won’t save you money. If a good deal is your main goal, then give your best to accomplish that. Make sure you are not in much of a hurry or you might be deceived by some vendors. Check the flowers stems – they should be cut down neatly. Also, their leaves and buds need to be dense. If you see withered flowers in a bunch of many, don’t buy from that vendor. If you find a vendor that you like and trust, don’t change them every time, as it gets harder to negotiate. Once you get the bulks of flowers put them in the bathtub in a few inches of water – this way you will keep them clean and fresh. If you buy roses, cut their stems and then arrange them in bouquets. Don’t forget that buying wholesale is all about finding a great deal, so your communication skills are vital for the success. Be polite and kind to all the vendors, but don’t let anyone fool you. If you want the best, go early in the morning and have enough time to walk around and talk to the sellers. Follow these simple instructions and you will find it more than easy to deal with flower wholesalers, find great inventory for your shop or event and save money too.