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Buying Wholesale Flowers: Benefits, Tips and Ideas

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Wholesale flowers are a cost-effective option for people who like to purchase flowers often. When you are gifting a bouquet to someone or putting together a flower arrangement for a specific occasion or reason, buying at a regular store or a florist is convenient. However for people who regularly buy flowers, like to decorate their homes with them, take them along as gifts for everyone etc. buying flowers wholesale is a wonderful way to enjoy flowers without spending too much on them.

Another added advantage of wholesale flowers is that you buy them fresh- which means they will last much longer, look beautiful and you can enjoy the same sentiment you’d get from having picked them yourself (without actually doing so).

Wholesale flowers are also the finest option for when you are purchasing in bulk. If you are hosting a big event at your home or need to order flowers for a wedding ceremony, working with a florist or a well-known chain can be very expensive. On the other hand, when you go to a wholesale flower market, you can order as many of the blooms you want, and save a considerable amount of money on the bill. The flowers will be delivered fresh, or you can have them picked up yourself too.

Depending on the flower market and the particular vendor you are shopping from, you can have the flowers arranged or wrapped to specific instructions. While some vendors will only sell flowers in bulk, generally wrapped in newspapers, others will also offer decoration and arrangement services and these can come in handy if you are placing an order for an event such as a wedding.

Browse around a variety of flower markets but if you can, select a few specific vendors to buy from. Becoming a regular with a vendor has several advantages, and you should find a particular seller you like and only buy from them. For starters, most vendors will be looking to please and cultivate regular buyers, which means your choices and preferences will receive more attention and importance.

When you find a vendor that you like and whose services and rates meet your preferences, you can request them to stock flowers that you like or give you a call whenever a particular variety becomes available. Most vendors are more than happy to accommodate their customers’ preferences, and this means you can always count on the vendor to give you the best deals.

Always ask vendors to bring you flowers that are fresh. The fresher they are, the lesser is the amount of time they will have spent in refrigeration. This means that when you take them home, with a little extra care and attention, you can make them last for a considerably longer period than normal. Fresh flowers are a joy to behold!

The biggest advantage of buying wholesale flowers is, of course, the pricing. When you visit a wholesale flower market, you can browse through different stalls and vendors to get an idea of the kind of prices and rates that are being quoted. The competitive pricing is the most notable advantage of buying flowers wholesale, and because there are so many vendors in the same place looking to woo the same potential customers, there is a lot of room for bargaining and haggling as well! Don’t waste the opportunity to save some money- a little bit of bargaining can save you quite a bit, and you’ll have fun and get to know your vendor in the process too!

If there are particular exotic or unusual flowers that you like and purchase fairly regularly, try to find a wholesaler who cultivates them on his/ her own. This way, you can indulge your taste while also saving a lot of money, getting very fresh flowers and knowing that you are buying directly from a quality source. When you buy exotic flowers from a store, you pay for the transport, the care and maintenance of the blooms and the service charges. Finding a wholesaler who deals in rare flowers is a great way to enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous blooms while cancelling out all the disadvantage of purchasing them from a shop.

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