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Black and White Orchids

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There is an allure, a magical charm, to orchids that makes them irresistible, which is why they are some of the most popular and sought-after flower varieties in the world. Orchids are stylish, bold, statement flowers that are at once beautiful and arresting. Perhaps it is their unique shape or the dazzling colours and hues they are available in, or the fact they are some of the most exotic and expensive blooms in the world, that make them so desirable.

As if regular orchids weren’t enchanting enough, black and white orchids are even more captivating than the “normal” colours. While any bouquet of orchids is sure to thrill the recipient, black and white orchids have an ethereal beauty that is unmatched. If you are planning to make an impression of a lifetime, or you want to truly convey how special someone is to you, black and white orchids would be the way to go!

Black orchids are possibly some of the rarest flowers in the world; in fact, their very existence is challenged by many because of how uncommon they are. The term ‘black’ can be a bit of a misnomer sometimes, because these flowers aren’t always a true black: sometimes they are deep inky hues of purple or very dark green. Nonetheless, the deep, darkness of the flower lends it a powerful and impressive aura. Black orchids are often seen as symbols of mystery, authority and charisma and aren’t a typical gift because the imposing appearance of the flowers as well as the negative associations with the colour black in most parts of the world (black is commonly associated with death) do not make it a common gifting choice. However, when such matters are not a concern and you want to make a unique gesture, black orchids can cut a striking figure on your behalf!

White orchids symbolise a wealth of meanings commonly associated with white blooms, ranging from purity and chastity to grace and elegance. White orchids are just as strikingly beautiful as their black counterparts, but are a more common gifting choice comparatively. White flowers, regardless of how exotic they might be, are usually universally appropriate for all occasions and hence, regardless of the event, you can be sure of your choice when you pick a bouquet of white orchids. White orchids take the innocent charm of regular white blooms and transform it by infusing the sense of rarity that is associated with these exotic flowers.

White orchids are an extremely popular for two special occasions: weddings and proposals/ declarations of love. White orchids have an unmatched quality of grace that is sure to add to the beauty of any lovely bride-to-be. They have, for many years now, been a popular choice for bridal bouquets. When you want to stick to the traditional white hues but still want your flowers to be memorable, white orchids are a fabulous way of striking a balance between tradition and style. And as gestures of romantic love, white orchids are an ideal choice to mark the moment because they convey sentiments of promising new beginnings and eternal love.

If you want to use both white and black orchids together, it is best to do so only as decorations at a formal event. Because the two varieties convey very different sentiments and also create very contrasting auras (one of mystery and power and the other of innocence and simplicity) they are not the most obvious gifting choice. Unless you are sure that the recipient will enjoy the striking beauty and appreciate the rarity of the flowers and not the literal meanings behind them, you should stick to using them in combination only as showpieces to complete the decor at an event.

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