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An Essential Seasonal Guide to Wedding Flowers

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Weddings are beautiful and dignified events in which everyone would like to experience the best moments. Flowers add a touch to the wedding, and it will be more surprising if the flowers match the season. The availability of wedding flowers depends on the month in which the wedding is set to take place. When choosing the wedding flower arrangements, it is essential to consult a floral designer to give guidance on the available flowers depending on the season. Florists provide the ultimate guide on the appropriate flowers to match the season, whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. The ultimate guide to seasonal wedding flowers is as discussed below:

Spring Wedding Flowers

It is the season with the highest availability of various kinds of flowers. They include:


Sweet peas

The flowers are available in rainbow colors and form the best bride bouquet. They symbolize peace and outline happiness and tranquility for the bride in her future life. Due to the various colors, florists can be consulted on the appropriate flower arrangement to match the wedding color. The flowers can be ordered from the online flower shop, and then delivered to the preferred location.

Lily of the valley

The flowers are most used by royals, as shown in Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet. Brides mostly prefer it because it symbolizes happiness.


The flowers are available in various colors ranging from white to shades of pink, scarlet, lilac, and purple. They have contrasting hues of green and black at the center. The Anemones give the perfect vintage-style look and are beautiful. Florists provide advice on the appropriate flower color to use depending on the wedding arrangement.


The wedding flower arrangement using ranunculus is appropriate for a country garden style wedding. The flowers outline the message of "I am dazzled by your charms."

Summer Wedding Flowers


The flowers have a fantastic look which makes it preferred by real-life brides. The flowers can be used in wedding flower arrangements as bouquets or table centerpieces to make the wedding beautiful. Florists' advice on the appropriate flower arrangement and the flowers can be delivered on the wedding day.  


Sweet William

The flower is known for its high scent, which makes it a perfect choice for vintage styled weddings.


The flower is elegant and luxurious, making the wedding beautiful in the summertime. The flowers are found in various colors. They can be ordered from online flower shops and then delivered on the wedding day. The florist advises on the appropriate flower choice depending on the color of the wedding.


They are the famous flowers which express love. They are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes depending on the desired pattern. They are preferred because they suit in any wedding flower arrangement and match all color schemes and bridal personality.


They are perfect for wedding flower arrangements. They are funnel-shaped and are white, which can be mixed with tulips to give an ideal look.

Autumn wedding flowers

The months of September and October in the autumn season are the time when there are flowers of varied colors. The dominant colors are vibrant reds, seductive burgundies, and deep oranges.


They are cheap flowers which can be bought in a supermarket and used in any flower arrangement. They are found in red, orange, and yellow colors. They can add an elegant look by pairing with touches of gold, silver, and copper.


The flowers make a significant impact when used as wedding flowers. They are big, and they are bright; hence, a small amount of flowers brings a substantial effect on the wedding day.


The flowers are part of the daisy family flowers. They come in rainbow bright colors. They are used in fun-filled relaxed weddings. The flowers can be ordered from flower shops then they are delivered on the day of the wedding.


The flowers are ideal for flower arrangements to decorate the wedding venue because they are tall and beautiful. The height makes them suitable for wedding table centerpieces. They are available in various colors and depending on the color scheme of the wedding florist can advise on the colors to pick.

Winter Wedding Flowers


The flowers are appropriate for royal blue themed weddings. They form an excellent bouquet flower arrangement and spice up the marriage. They can be ordered from the flower shop then delivered at the preferred location.

Pussy willow

The flowers are appropriate for a winter wonderland themed weddings. They are mostly used in wedding flower arrangements as centerpieces. The flowers match with a white wedding theme which makes the day amazing.

Christmas rose

The flower is used to add a subtle and elegant look on the bouquet.

Berried ivy

The flowers are perfect for the "Great Gatsby" themed wedding. The flowers can be used with birdcages and pearls to make the wedding glamorous.

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